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Leap Day One

I announced a few weeks ago on Facebook my then-upcoming move to Washington, DC. I’m headed to the one city in which the job market is booming! The past several weeks of preparation have been hectic… finalizing my time in KC, apartment hunting in DC from a distance… Today, Leap Day, I departed Raymore, MO […]

Ron Paul and Lincoln Days

We’ve had a Ron Paul weekend in Kansas City! The Missouri GOP holds a large event each year called Lincoln Days at which candidates and organizations may present themselves to attendees, socialize, and conduct general business leading up to the caucuses and state convention. I coordinated the Ron Paul representation at this year’s event, held […]

Meet Ron Paul in Kansas City!

Ron Paul will be holding a rally at the Union Station in Kansas City on Saturday, 2/18, at 7:30pm. Arrive early to get access! I am coordinating the corresponding Ron Paul representation at the Missouri Lincoln Days event from Friday-Saturday at Westin Crown Center Hotel, so stop by the hotel early and then walk through […]