Definition of Hectic: This Past Week

In no particular order…

  • Final Exam and Research paper for Church History I
  • Tested Positive for Typhoid and Paratyphoid
  • Completed paperwork and deliveries to a) get a new passport and b) not go to jail
  • Staton’s Quince
  • Katherine Returned to the States
  • Discovered that not only is my backup drive fried, but I also seem to not have my data (read: school papers) on my laptop drive, either (read: panic).

I woke up today thinking that Staton had been 15 and Katherine had been in the States for at least two weeks. But no, just a few days.

Note for future reference: research papers on historical subjects, like, say, medieval scholasticism, are murder when one has no access to a physical library. JSTOR is lovely and all, but, man. I miss books.

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