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Steampunk Desktop

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Jake Von Slatt, of the Steampunk Workshop (a new find for me), has posted a photo of his gorgeous desktop mods to his Flickr. The bulk of it is far too… gilded… for my tastes, but check out this keyboard. It’s stunning!

A bit of googling was sufficient to show his project reports for his own creation, and even a fellow who is custom building (likely very expensive!) keyboards of a similar theme.

I wants it.

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Henry September 16, 2008 Reply


Please excuse the drool.

Hmm . . . copper sheet, brass bolts, willow probably because oak’s a bastard to work, and that Royal I think is beyond my ability to repair . . .

I’m feeling casemoddy now!

Mona September 16, 2008 Reply

Why am I not surprised at his reaction?

Oh, probably because before I saw his comment I thought, “Oh, I’d better tell Henry about that!”

I assume the update means things are still going well down there. I am keeping my worry tamped down for the time being.

Lorien September 17, 2008 Reply

I wouldn’t say things are going well… I think in reality it’s all getting much worse. However, life in Cochabamba is still very quiet, and we’re starting to get things like gasoline back into town.

Don’t worry! If things ever get bad, we’ve got routes out!

Lorien September 17, 2008 Reply

Oh! and I did find out… the guy who is custom building keyboards like these? $1000-1500.


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