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Film Review: Last Legion

I took a film analysis course in the autumn of 2007, for which I had to write a number of films reviews. As I’m sorting through my 320gig hard drive which ran out of space this week, I’ll be posting those reviews here. Why not? Here’s the pitch: take advantage of the critical success of […]


Thomas the Talented Employed Fellow

Meet Thomas. Today, Thomas walked into an office for his very first job interview. Today, Thomas filled out his very first job application (in Spanish, no less). Today, Thomas got his first professional job: teacher of English grammar. In short, Thomas rocks. I have brilliant siblings.

A Fairly Normal Cochabamba

Since the election 8 days ago, everything has been rather… normal. The early days were a bit quiet, but otherwise one wouldn’t generally know that anything was different. I haven’t any idea what happened with the folks marching on the city from the Chapare – as far as I could tell, they never arrived. I […]

Cochabamba: Our Next Few Days

Bolivia, frankly, is batty. Is it any wonder I love it so? Yesterday’s election was a curious affair. The day was quite and calm. The evening, though, was a race of numbers in the news. Jim Shultz, a political blogger (strong left bias) based here in Cochabamba, has a good run-down of the election numbers […]


After a month or three, one readily forgets that life in a country with ungrounded electricity (Bolivia) is rather different from life in a country with grounded electricity (the rest of the world). The difference swiftly becomes apparent when one feels little jolts of snippy-snappy electricity from one’s headphones. In the ear canal.