Nicholas' Finger

Nicholas was working at a demolition site here in town. He was volunteering because it’s a church property getting set for renovation. He was knocking down a brick wall with a hammer, and apparently they weren’t giving their volunteers any protective gear to use. A brick exploded and hit his bare hand.

His right index finger has been shredded. It’s impossible to tell how deep it really was until we hear back from the doctor. Thomas and I think it must have been pretty bad because when we talked to Nicholas he was shaking but was clear-headed and in no pain. He could move his fingers but didn’t feel anything. I don’t see how you can not be experiencing shock and be in a pretty bad state if you don’t feel this.

What amazes me most, though, is that whoever it was who brought Nic back home just left him at our front gate. The car was gone so they had no way of knowing whether we were even home. They had this teenager injured due to their negligence… and he was left at our house without even speaking to my mother. Luckily Dad wasn’t too far away so he was able to rush home and pick up Nic and Mom to go to the hospital. Dad arrived just in time, because Nic had been here for about fifteen minutes and the bleeding was starting to increase again. His shaking was getting worse. Ridiculous.

Anyway. He’s off getting shards of brick washed out of his finger and getting stitched up. Assuming he comes back with the whole finger.

Graphic photos follow.

Nic's Injured Finger

Nic's Injured Finger

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Grindio August 12, 2008 Reply

Oh, my God, that was gross. That you were nonchalant about it is a troubling thought.

Lorien August 12, 2008 Reply

I hardly think that worrying about him and ranting about the idiocy of the circumstances was "nonchalant". I simply have the sense to maintain reality when panic isn't helpful.

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