Archive | June, 2008

Kevin Craig on Missouri Viewpoints

Kevin Craig, current Libertarian candidate for Missouri House 7th District and a friendly colleague from my Springfield years, was recently interviewed by Missouri Viewpoints. Kevin is a Christian and a political anarchist with very thoroughly considered ideas. I’ve yet to read all of what he has written on his extensive website! Another fun tidbit for […]

Democrats Want to Nationalize U.S. Oil Companies

Absolutely, positively depressing. History has shown that governments are neither more effective nor more fair when in control of a market resource. Logical consideration of economic principles indicate that nationalization is always a bad idea. Cavuto is asking the right questions in the following clip… and the cautious “are you insane?!” tone of his voice […]

Irish Sovereignty: Rejection of the Lisbon Treaty

Excellent news from Ireland today… election results indicate that the referendum in the Republic of Ireland to approve or disapprove the Lisbon Treaty has resulted in a “no” vote: Ireland has rejected the treaty. Various articles both today and leading up to the referendum have included warnings that a “no” vote would “[trigger] a political […]