Two Reasons Why I Love the Comfy U.S./U.K. Dichotomy

1) The Queen and the Wanna-Be Cowboy:

Much hullabaloo has been made of the Queen’s recent visit to the United States. As I think her quite fabulous and have confidence in the uniquely American bend to British-rooted traditions, I am enjoying the hullabaloo. Especially this little bit:

Apparently President Bush (#2) came quite close to implying that Her Majesty Elizabeth II had visited America 200 years ago. This is a simple enough verbal error, and his method of making up the matter was perfectly American: he winked at the Queen of the United Kingdom.

Naturally, Her Majesty responded in a manner perfectly British: she glared at the President of the United States.

He responded with an apologetic remark to the crowd, declaring that she had given him “a look that only a mother could give a child.”

She smiled serenely, and all was well.

2) The Churchill-esque Astronomer

Somehow in the mix of a radio interview, Sir Patrick Moore was turned to the topic of the modern BBC. Naturally, it’s “terrible”. Even more naturally, it’s the fault of the women. Hee!¬† “The trouble is that the BBC is now run by women and it shows – soap operas, cooking, quizzes, kitchen-sink plays.”

Sir Patrick does, however, make a slight intellectual allowance for the soap opera epidemic: “I suppose it’s true to life. But so is diarrhea – and I don’t want to see that on television.”

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