The Queen and the TARDIS

According to Outpost Gallifrey, the Chelsea Flower Show in the U.K. is featuring a display of the “Garden in Time”, created by a Cardiff landscaper. In the display, two separate gardens, one in the style of the 1960s and one in a modern design, are separated by a TARDIS. Queen Elizabeth II was touring the show and asked her guide, “Why is there a TARDIS there?”

Reasons for Loving this Story:

  • The Queen is familiar with the TARDIS!
  • I wonder if she knows that in the Doctor’s universe, Queen Victoria was infected by a werewolf, and that the trait has been passed on genetically to her descendants – Elizabeth II included?
  • Two other English monarchs, Elizabeth I and Victoria, have exiled the Doctor from England and have threatened him with death. I now very much want to see Helen Mirren as Elizabeth II meeting and conflicting with the Doctor. I can’t think of many other things that I want to see quite as badly on television. Even better, we’ve not yet seen what the Doctor does to annoy Elizabeth I. Elizabeth II could travel to the 16th century in the TARDIS! Mirren could play them both again! What a treat it’d be!
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