Glutton for Punishment

I am a fool. A smart fool, but a fool nonetheless. I have willingly signed up for more classes.

My GPA is right on the border. 3.745. If I take just one more class, I'm bumped up to Magna CL in the U.S., and firmly upper Second Class in the U.K. I was fine with settling with a 3.74 in order to JUST BE DONE. Until I was looking at my transcript and thinking, but, but, that 3.75 would be awfully pretty… so I decided, okay. One more class. Then I thought, hmm. If I take two more classes, then I can receive most of my normal scholarships and grants and so on. That'd be an extra $1800 in the bank! Just for taking another class!

Well, you can imagine my decision.

So I'm now registered for two Fall classes this year. Rather than graduating in two months, I'll graduate in December. That sounds dreadfully depressing, but a) $1800 extra in my bank (and living in a country where I can live for $30 a month… just buying DVDs and diet pepsi…), and b) a 3.755 as opposed to a 3.745? MSU's online course selection is pitiful. It's mostly accounting classes and How To Run A Farm classes, and all of the interesting courses (historical costuming) have umpteen prerequisites.

Here are the two courses for which I've registered.

English 287: Life Stages in Literature. Read 8 books, write about said 8 books. Artsy-fartsy literature BS, at which I'm pretty good. Even if the books are rubbish. 

Media 300: Film Analysis. Learn about the history of film criticism. Critique movies. Yes, I can cope. Also, the $100 textbook is on sale at Amazon for $11. That always makes me happy.

There you go. Graduation is postponed for fluff classes, for extra scholarship cash and cheap (okay, at $774 per class it's not cheap) GPA inflation. Besides – I can use a little fluff now and then. If only Shakespeare II were taught online!

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Andrew Shaughnessy May 25, 2007 Reply

God speed Lorien….god speed!

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