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The Japanese Failure of Gun Control

Itcho Ito, the mayor of Nagasaki, Japan, was shot and killed by a member of the Yakuza. Japan has the most strict form of gun control that exists in the “democratic” portion of the world. This is an example of how the law-abiding populace is not effectively protected by gun control, because criminals will find […]

RE: University Safety Procedures

An Open Letter to Dr. Michael T. Nietzel, President of Missouri State University. President Nietzel, I respond to your official statement on the subject of our beloved University’s safety procedures. I am disappointed by the reiteration of Missouri State’s foolish and detrimental policy which prohibits legally carried firearms on our campus. We have seen in […]

If Only They'd Been Armed…

Number of (known) students’/professors’ firearms on the Virginia Tech campus today: 2 Owner of said firearms on the VA Tech campus: Bonkers Murderer. Number of victims today on the VA Tech campus: At least 32. Possible number of victims had students and professors been legally allowed to carry on the VA Tech campus: < 32 […]


We have been hit with the plague. Something viral. Migraines, exhaustion, body aches, and a killer cough. Anti-biotics do nothing. Cough drops and cough syrups don’t seem to really exist in Bolivia. Mom took 1000mg of Ibuprofen and it barely blunted the migraine pain. I hurt.