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Farmacia Boliviano

Couple of Photographs…

This is the Farmacia Boliviano at the Plaza Principal in downtown Cochabamba. I love this building. and this is a sign symbol that grows very familiar when living in Bolivia. Amusingly, this particular sign is right outside the Burger King.

Thornton, on History

John Thornton, of Gaskell’s “North and South”. ‘If we do not reverence the past as you do in Oxford, it is because we want something which can apply to the present more directly. It is fine when the study of the past leads to a prophecy of the future. But to men groping in new […]

Excerpt from "North and South"

From North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. ‘Is there necessity for calling it a battle between the two classes?’ asked Mr. Hale. ‘I know, from your using the term, it is one which gives a true idea of the real state of things to your mind.’ ‘It is true; and I believe it to be […]