The Plan!

A very kind couple from Overland Park Baptist Temple is going to pick me up and drive me to Kansas City, where I’ll stay at a hotel also provided by OPBT.

I shall rent a car and do my last-minute USA shopping. Shoes, books, etc. I’m also going to get a haircut, because I forgot to schedule one for Wednesday.

Kristin, Katherine, and I shall spend the day eating cucumber sandwiches, imbibing tea, and watching movies. Robin Hood, Doctor Who, perhaps Sense and Sensibility? This is unknown.

I shall fly from Kansas City to Miami, Florida. I was supposed to go straight from Miami to Bolivia, but nay! The airline, Lloyd Aereo Boliviano, suddenly decided to cancel Sunday’s flight and bump everyone to Monday. So, I shall spend Sunday night with another very kind family, the O’Rears of Lamp International.

Fly from Miami to Panama for a brief stop and exchange of passengers.

Just past midnight, fly from Panama to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Short layover in Santa Cruz and a shift over to a different plane. Hopefully all 7 pieces of luggage plus cat will make the transition smoothly. Fly from Santa Cruz to Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Tuesday morning:
Arrive in Cochabamba and be greeted by muchly-missed family (this will involve getting knocked down and trampled upon by my youngest siblings, naturally). Explore the environment. Breathe in as much oxygen as is available in the Very High Valley of Cochabamba. Get hit with a water balloon, as it will be the last day of Carnivale.



Start writing.

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