Still in Miami, Florida…

Lloyd Aereo Boliviano strikes again!

Flight is cancelled. Reason is unknown.

We are going to cart all seven pieces of my luggage plus my cat to the airport in order to make a grand display of my Dreadful Need to arrive in Bolivia. Struggle (politely!) for a hotel room at the airport or a free (paid for by LAB) flight on another airline. Not entirely sure how this will turn out.

The logic is that if LAB is having to pay for me to stay in Miami, then LAB will want to remove me from Miami. Motivation is… motivating.

Otherwise, they might be content to let me sit in lovely Miami until next week’s flights were cancelled, and again until that week’s flights were cancelled…

Walked beneath the palms to the Costa Peruvia last night. I had the Tallarin Saltado de Pollo, which was described as a spaghetti tossed with onions, tomatoes, and chicken. Excellent. I cannot say whether it was accurately Peruvian, but it was certainly the best Chinese Chicken Lo Mein I’ve ever had!

I’m quite enjoying my wacky trip, even with the cricks in my neck from carrying my absurdly heavy carry-ons. Nonetheless, as Katherine texted earlier…

“You need to get to Bolivia, drink some of your mom’s ‘tea’ and relax.”

Katherine is simply anxious for me to smuggle her a tin of Coca Tea, I suspect.

The lake is pretty.

The language barrier is beginning to terrify my self-concious shyness. Two years of college classes do not seem to have prepared me for Spanish conversation.

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