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Bolivia from Above

Struggle to Escape, part three.

I settled easily into my AeroSur seat. There was a delay as airport security tried to find a passenger, some male, who needed to be Removed From the Plane for Questioning. Eventually they found the guy, and we were cleared for takeoff. I knew better than to eat their possibly-Amoeba-poisoned fool, so at 11:something at […]

Struggle to Escape, part two.

AeroSur was odd. I made it through the lines and to the ticket counter. I asked if they’d take my luggage, they said no. I said I’d pay, they said no. I asked why, they didn’t answer. I asked again if they’d take my luggage, they conferenced. I said I’d pay, again, and they said […]

Captain Pausert Waiting at MIA

Struggle to Escape, part one.

Insanity. Totally bonkers and nutty and filled with stress. That’s what’s it’s like to try and fly on Lloyd Aereo Boliviano. First one cancellation, then the second. I went to the airport and they gave me a voucher for a hotel. The Red Roof Inn at MIA was perfectly pleasant. I walked next door and […]

Still in Miami, Florida…

Lloyd Aereo Boliviano strikes again! Flight is cancelled. Reason is unknown. We are going to cart all seven pieces of my luggage plus my cat to the airport in order to make a grand display of my Dreadful Need to arrive in Bolivia. Struggle (politely!) for a hotel room at the airport or a free […]