Major Disaster of Epic Proportions

VIDEO: This should not be allowed to happen during finals week.

I posted that so that my Dad could see what’s happening and could figure out what I need to do. I’m living in Grandmother’s house (she’s in Kenya) while I pack up the apartment. The apartment is a disaster because I’ve been packing it off and on. BIG cleanup and packing day was scheduled for Wednesday, after everything else is done. This flooding must have been going on for about a day or two.

So, today I walk into the apartment in order to get something. It was like a rainstorm inside. At first I thought the roof had caved in. Got upstairs, found a pipe under the kitchen sink spewing water like a tossed fire hydrant. Turned dials until the water turned off.

I think all of the pipes have stopped spewing water. I’m letting stuff drip down.

Have I mentioned lately that I’m LEAVING THE COUNTRY and CONTINENT in a few days? and WRITING PAPERS? and TAKING TESTS?

My boxes full of history books were downstairs. I haven’t looked too deeply yet. I’m betting they’re ruined. I was going to move them into plastic boxes on Wednesday, after I’d finished using them for my papers. hee. Am going to rely on books at the library to finish my papers, clearly.

I want to hide.

The car died earlier this week, so in order to survive until I leave the continent I’ve rented a car. and now the property is in chaos.

The floors in the apartment are a mess. Gross white stuff, I guess from the cabinet and pipes, is everywhere. Broken dishes and stuff knocked down the stairs from the counter by the kitchen sink… the list is endless.

Major Disaster of Epic Proportions. I’m in full blown panic mode. This means that I am calm. Resisting the constant urge to hide under a bed (it’d just drip on my head anyway). When I’m in Bolivia, though, I’m going to be a complete disaster for a week while I decompress.

Grandmother left the country just days ago… so I have to handle this… INSANITY.

must clean. must write. must study.

My books were down there.

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