Thank You, Mr. Eagleburger

Mr. Eagleburger,

Thank you for your strategic support.

Two points:

1) The County Clerkship is an administrative role. I am a Libertarian candidate, and I vote independently as I am not a member of any political party. My political independence as a citizen will allow me greater ability to remain as a non-partisan as an administrative position, such as that of Greene County Clerk, requires. I intend to abide by this goal.

2) I did intern for Senator Bond. It was an honor to do so. The position was an unpaid internship for which I applied and was accepted. The internship was academic in nature, as I paid for three hours of college credit in order to work 15 hours each week, and I wrote a report on the subject of my internship. The experience was valuable due to its many lessons; the lessons did not include an increase in loyalty to the administration with which I interned.

Thank you again for your words of support. I hope to honor your vote of confidence with non-partisan efficiency and an open accountability to the voters of Greene County.

Lorien Johnson

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