Last time I had a test in this Bureaucracy class, I didn’t study until the morning of the test and I made a 95%. I’m studying the night before, this time, and I’m just as nervous as I was then, even though I know that I’ll probably ace this one too.

I’m not sure what to think about tomorrow. I signed up with the solid understanding that there was no way I’d win. After all, how could a no-budget, no-frills third party candidate defeat a Republican incumbent and a Democratic challenger? What a fantastic learning experience! What an opportunity to participate!

Eight months later, I am the Libertarian candidate that is wielding the Democratic party’s cautious endorsement. The straight-party ticket option has been eliminated. There’s actually a chance of my being elected. The odds are absolutely unknown; I only know that I could earn between 15-60% of the vote. That’s a huge range. In reality, I sincerely doubt my election – but the point is, I don’t know.

In twenty-four hours, my life could be completely changed. It’s not my decision. My rational choice in allowing for this possibility was made in February.

I am capable of the job. I have offered myself for political service. Several hundred thousand people will begin determining my life’s course in just eight hours. Everything hinges on whether a county of people draw a dash by my name.

and I am studying for a test.

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