I Gave Up

Ages ago, I came very close to having the Leewit toilet-trained. It was fantastic. Then the bathroom broke. Enough said.

Now, I have Captain Pausert. The bathroom was fixed this summer, and I thought, “Oh! finally! I can now train him!”

I tried. Small steps only, even. Wood pellets, even. But, no.

He made it Very Clear Indeed that only a large box filled with standard, eco-unfriendly litter was acceptable. No toilets. No wood pellets that can be recycled into mulch and compost.

Sigh. He has his box with traditional, expensive litter that I must maintain. Beast.

Sleeping Pausert

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One Comment

sanbreakity August 25, 2006 Reply

(I'm working at changing my internet presence over to "sanbreakity" from "onyxblue." I'm just tired of "onyxblue.")

I still cannot imagine having a cat actually trained to use the toilet. I know the Mongrel Horde would never go for it.

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