Archive | August, 2006

Unholy Battery Charges

I used to split my radio listening time between a modern Christian music station and Branson’s Rat Pack + Perry Como + Dusty Springfield station. The former is 90% boring, but is at least respectful towards women – a rare thing on a radio filled with the Pussycat Dolls and Fergie. The latter is enjoyable, […]

Sleeping Pausert

I Gave Up

Ages ago, I came very close to having the Leewit toilet-trained. It was fantastic. Then the bathroom broke. Enough said. Now, I have Captain Pausert. The bathroom was fixed this summer, and I thought, “Oh! finally! I can now train him!” I tried. Small steps only, even. Wood pellets, even. But, no. He made it […]

Recruitment Video for Work

We needed a recruitment video at work, so I volunteered to learn how and then went about making one! We decided on a Monday morning, and by that Monday evening I was doing interviews. I conducted the interviews, recorded them, edited the films, and created this set. The original is a set for 640×480, so […]

Bad Hair Day

New Semester of Collapsing Hair

I’ve had one of those afternoon/evenings in which I come home and look in the mirror to find that my hair has fallen from its previously Spectacularly Styled Coif of Curls and Red-Ribbon-That-Matches-Red-Shoes and is now in an oddly straggley mess. I am left to ponder how long it was in said straggley mess, only […]

Thank you!

Thank you for choosing to vote on the Libertarian ticket during today’s Primary election. Your votes provide a valuable reminder that a third party choice is active in Greene County, Missouri. For up-to-date election results, please consult: Greene County Election Results State of Missouri | County Reporting