Far, Far Too Much Tea

I have experienced the laziest of Saturn’s days.

I awoke at eight, promptly set water to boil, and caught up to last night’s resting point in Barchester Chronicles. This continued until Barchester was complete, whereupon I answered all number of voicemails and emails that I’d ignored for too many days. I followed this with a shower, in which I did away with yesterday’s pyjamas and jumped straight into another set – no need to waste a quarter’s worth of laundromat money when I shan’t be going leaving my apartment.

I then watched 84 Charing Cross Road whilst reading the book for cross referencing purposes. 84 Charing is finished, the Duchess of Bloomsbury Street has been placed on hold, and I’m halfway through my fourth pot of tea (atrocious!). I’ve still not completed my paper for Latin American Civ, and while I feel certain guilt I nonetheless lack sharp remorse. Today has been too lazily pleasant, and I’m beginning to dread August 21st, the return of daily class.

Only the promise of a year in lazy, lovely South America will sustain me ’til December.

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