Efficiency and Accountability

Our local government must emphasize two key principles: maximum efficiency and maximum accountability. Accordingly, the Greene County system should be conscientiously streamlined. We must carefully research innovative strategies that will best serve the needs of our county. As the election authority for Greene County , the County Clerk must ensure that all elections are thoroughly and properly conducted, and that the fewest possible inconveniences are placed on registered voters.

The County Clerk must at all times seek to function as a non-partisan while serving as a liaison between multiple branches of our county. The County Clerkship is not a position of partisan policymaking, but is instead designed to coordinate the policies of the people with efficient ease. Accountability is vital to the maintenance of our community-conscience government. The management of our records should be conducted in an organized manner that is readily accessible to the local citizen.

As a woman of Springfield , I hold these principles of efficiency and accountability in the forefront of my mind when I serve our community in my daily life. Only with the involvement of an informed community can we achieve the Greene County that serves as a haven for our families, our endeavors, and ourselves.

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