Persuade Me Otherwise?

From an email to my father:

I’ve practically decided to take a year off before grad school. Practically meaning that I haven’t fully announced it and I haven’t discussed it with the trusted academic advisors (Bartee, Miller, Moore, Dvorak) yet, but I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m deciding.


  • Extra few months to study for the Tests From Hell.
  • Chance to spend a year overseas, teaching English, etc, before school. After school, I’ll have to jump straight into working like mad in order to pay debts. That leaves my first opportunity to really experience that is… when I’m retired. Less fun.
  • My college application will show my final GPA, not the one missing the last semester.
  • I’ll be able to become fluent in Spanish, instead of barely passable.
  • Having that year of a nifty experience can only help my applications.
  • Extra time with family.
  • Because I won’t have to study quite as madly to finish both tests in September, I can spend more of the summer writing the essays for my two classes in the fall. This is pretty important, because I only know three of the five major papers that I have to write in the fall, and that total has already reached 80 pages. I’d like to have some of that written now, obviously.


  • I’ll be one year older when I enter the workforce.
  • I’ll have to start paying back my loan debt sooner. I can probably get this deferred, but even then it’s only like a small credit card payment each month.
  • My only serious hesitation is my fear that I’m just subconsciously being lazy and that’s why I want a year off. I don’t really think that’s what’s going on. There are too many elements in the pro list and too few in the con list. But, still.
  • Added by my boss: Difficult to jump back into grad school after having been away for a year.

Can you think of anything that should be tossed into the con list?

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Mom July 13, 2006 Reply

Well… as your Mom, you KNOW how *I* vote! lol…

But seriously… you jumped right into college from a fairly "leisurely" home school environment and you thrived.

I know that you now know what is involved in a pressing schedule, so there would be more experience involved in this "break" and re-entry.

But I truly believe that you have international potential and this time of living abroad would be your first foray into that realm.

Plus, with all the martial law being enforced against lawful elections in various departments of Bolivia and with a constitutional re-write in Bolivia's near future, you would have first-hand experience in a field that has grabbed your imagination and passion… constitutional law.

And it would just be good to have you here, to share in the discovery and re-interpretation of life for us here in Bolivia.

I vote "YES" for the "interlude"!

Love you,

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