Meme: Survey

Obligatory survey, this time courtesy of Tyson:”Tyson of the Manhole Music Tearoom”:

Chapter 1
Initials: LDLAJ
Middle name: Damaris Leigh-Anne.
Birthday: 03 October 1982.
Current location: Springfield, MO.
Height: 5’7.
Hair length: Mid-back.
Eye color: Dark brown.
Birthmarks: None.

Chapter 2:
Do you live with your parents: No.
Do you get along with your parents? Extremely well.
Are your parents married/separated/divorced? Married.
Do you have any siblings? 3 younger brothers (aged 19, 16, and 8), 1 younger sister (aged 11).
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What pets do you have? Captain Pausert: The Fearsome Feline of Immense Proportion, Sonic Voice, and Vampiric Teeth.
Captain Pausert

Chapter 3: Favorites
City: Wherever I do not live.
Ice cream flavor: Sundaes with caramel and espresso.
Season: Autumn.
Clothing brand: Scattered pieces from several brands.
Color: Autumn.
Number: 27.

Chapter 4: Do You…
Sing in the shower? If I’m alone in the apartment.
Write memos on your hand? Yes, back of hand and inside of forearm. Ankles, occasionally.
Call people back?: Yes.
Believe in love?: Yes.
Sleep on a certain side of the bed? All over.
Wear glasses or contacts? Neither.

Chapter 5: Have You Ever…
Gone skinny dipping?: No.
Worn braces?: No.
Broken a bone?: No.
Had stitches? Around the crown of my skull, when a dog attempted to bite off my head at age 3.
Shoplifted?: Yes. Chewing gum at age 7.
Punched someone in the face? Yes.
Skipped school?: Yes.
Taken painkillers?: Yes, post wisdom tooth extraction.
Gone SCUBA diving?: No.
Been stung by a bee?: No.
Thrown up in a restaurant? No.
Been to overnight camp? No.
Written a letter to Santa Claus? Yes, first grade Christmas activity at Swinney Magnet.
Had detention?: No.
Been sent to the principal’s office? Yes, several times at Swinney Magnet. They decided I was a racist (because a] I was white, and b] a girl saw me trailing my fingers along the wall and thought I was giving her the finger) and an abused child (I freely discussed Christian activities like AWANAS and the Kid’s Church, so obviously I was scarred. Even worse, I preferred to sit next to the teacher in the shade and read books or study acorns instead of playing. Exception: rope jumping rocked). They even sent me to the school psychologist once every two weeks, without telling my parents. GREAT school.
Been called a bitch? Yes.

Chaper 6: Who/What was the last…
Person to IM you? Tyson.
Rerson to call you?: My boss.
Person you hugged?: My parents.
Person you tackled?: David, youngest sibling.
Thing you touched? My laptop.
Thing you ate?: Dinner, last night – mandarin chicken salad.
Drank? Lemon Lime Sparkling Water.
Thing you said? “Ow.”

Now 40 “Random” Questions…

40 RANDOM questions:

last missed call – My boss.
last received – Grandmother.
last call made – My boss.
last text received – I keep them blocked.

What channel is the tv on – It isn’t, but if I were to turn it on it would likely show SciFi.
How many IMs are up – None.
What song is playing – Itzak Perlman – Il Postino
What’s on the computer – Firefox (Tabs: WordPress, Blackboard, Go Fug Yourself), WS_FTP, Adobe Photoshop.
What is your background – A faded yellow wall in Italy behind a grapevine as thick as a tree.

type of pizza – Hamburger with Onions, thin.
football team – None.
shirt that you own – Sage green cami with pleats.

whats the time – 10:27am. Gwen, I’m not even kidding.
whats the date – 6/14/06.
whats the day – Wednesday.
light or dark out – Light.
do you own a washing machine – Yes.
do you own more than 5 tv sets – No.
do you own a toaster – Yes.
do you own a house with 2 floors – No.

cat – Pausert.
jump – Rope.
bed – Fluffy.
scratch and sniff – Icky.

what are you wearing? Sage green cami with pleats, ugly and comfy green cargo crops.
who is your Idol/Hero(s)? Eleanor of Aquitaine, John and Abigail Adams, Elizabeth I, George Mason.
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No.
how old are you? 23.

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