I have done a dreadful thing.

Captain Pausert has, of late, greatly enjoyed this simple toy – a pink sparkley bundle of crinkle thread.

cat 030

Unfortunately, I foolishly chose to spray with him a compressed gas duster just as he pounce-grasped his prized pink crinkle.

cat 019-crop

He ran/jumped/levitated across the room to the shelter of his tower. He has yet to brave his toy once more.

Enter, guilt.

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Lorien June 18, 2006 Reply

For the record, I repaid the Beast with a brand new wind-up toy… that doesn't wind. It's getting exchanged.

Mom July 13, 2006 Reply

ahhhh… THAT'S my girl! He's a treasure, my love!

I'm looking forward to having him here in Bolivia with us & Princess KiKi Lorelai!

Love you precious,

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