Patrick and His Day

In true form, I allowed too many tasks to stack up for this morning. I did prepare somewhat, however, in that I turned the rental movies in on time last night, and I even washed my hair and shaved my legs last night. And! planned my holiday outfit. This is progress, even if I didn’t study for my morning Spanish test.

I woke up at 5:20, dressed, wrote a study guide for the test, etc, and left the apartment at 6:41 in time to walk down the hill to get coffee and was at the bus stop at 6:47 for the 6:55 bus. Easy. Except the bus didn’t arrive – I eventually decided that it must have been exceedingly early, because the next was on schedule at 7:25. Regardless… it was cold.

As I related to Kristin in my report of our Dress for Patrick! plan, I selected:
Shamrock earrings, green stripey skirt, green camisole, green shoes and ivy in the hair.

Fine, good, even the bus driver (ha!) commented.

Well, apparently my attempt at pretty!festive!Patrick looked more like slutty!party!Hooker.

I was at the bus stop and this car pulled up driven by an old man. He kept looking up at me, and is fumbling around, pulls out his wallet and started figuring out how much he has. Totally silent. I figured it out and told him “It’s just a BUS STOP.”

He kept digging around, looking for change. When he started pulling out quarters from his glove compartment I told him: “I’m a COP.”

He looked up, dropped his wallet and his jaw, and sped off.

So much for that idea.

Today is also the Founder’s Day celebration for SMSU centennial… campus photo at 3:15 to replicate the photo from 1905, and at 4:00 the governor will be signing the name change bill in the PSU auditorium.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to the circus. ladeda.

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