Log: Twisty Knickers

Kristin: The first line in a blog that came up on the same search: The Bottom Line A long winded ramble on fulfilment and twisted knickers. I am having a watershed moment. It’s been one of those weeks when you realize what’s important, what’s not, and what’s getting your knickers in a twist. My knickers have been very twisty this year.
Kristin: Hi again, BTW

Lorien: lol

Lorien: twisty knickers would make an excellent title or slogan.

Kristin: I’m going to have to work “my knickers have been very twisty this year” into the same conversation as “freelance insect extermination”

Kristin: That’s what we should call one of our message board forums

Kristin: The rant forum could be Twisty Knickers

Kristin: Or we could design and make underwear online and call our site Twisty Knickers

Lorien: lol

Lorien: and, so, naturally, my mind expanded the business into a jewelry line.

Lorien: with twisty wire chains and a little shrinkydink panty charm

Kristin: Hehehe

Lorien: that we couldn’t ever where anywhere

Lorien: but you know that people would buy them

Kristin: that could be the free gift we send to people who buy our underwear

Lorien: exactly!

Lorien: or! underwear charms! for those idiotic teenyboppers with their thong straps out above their lowlow jeans!

Kristin: I’m thinking Twisty Knickers could be my new swear word

Lorien: Thong Dangles

Kristin: I just coughed so hard when I read that

Lorien: Sigh. We’re so phenomenal. Why are we not wealthy?

Kristin: I ask myself that every day

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