Philosophy in Action

I’ve been meaning to discuss this anyway, but am lazy. Thus, a snippet of my conversation with Kristin:

lorien_johnson: Kristin!
lorien_johnson: this is a complete change of topic. but.
lorien_johnson: It was horrifying at the bus station today.
lorien_johnson: This couple was sitting on the bench behind me, arguing about their sex life.
Kristin: eew
lorien_johnson: Very “low class” individuals, I don’t think either of them had teeth, she in her early twenties and he in his late thirties.
Kristin: doesn’t that make you wonder
lorien_johnson: They kept having these “Is too” “Is Not” arguments…
lorien_johnson: and arguing over whose responsibility it was to try new things. and then they started getting specific. it was gross.
lorien_johnson: yes. yes, it does.
Kristin: And about stuff you just don’t want to wonder about
lorien_johnson: Yes.
lorien_johnson: and their toddler was in the stroller in front of them!
Kristin: there should be laws protecting people from having to hear that kind of stuff
lorien_johnson: Well, see, I’m anti-laws. So instead I turned around and asked them to wait until they weren’t in public to discuss it.
Kristin: You’re brave
lorien_johnson: and she apologized, and he got huffy. but at least they switched to a snot-stew argument over movies.
lorien_johnson: well. I’m trying to put my philosophy into action. It’s not easy.
lorien_johnson: I keep advocating the removal of laws that legislate etiquette and social morality… but that can only work in a society in which people very politely make requests and demand etiquette from those around them. So… I’m trying.
Kristin: I see. How progressive of you.
lorien_johnson: I was pretty challenged by it the other day. In the bus this woman was sitting across from me arranging a time with this guy for her to sell sex to him.
lorien_johnson: and I had to decide whether I was going to report them to the driver and security.
lorien_johnson: which was a mixup for me… morally I’m against it. legally, I’m for decriminalization. I had to work on my feelings of judgment towards them, for one, and then decide what I needed to do legally. I settled for asking them to speak much more quietly or wait until they weren’t in a public place to discuss the arrangement.
lorien_johnson: and I was shocked. They were pretty polite about it. no apologies, of course, but they wrote on paper instead.
Kristin: I’ll never think of passing notes the same way again
lorien_johnson: lol

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