I just adore Kristin.

Somewhere along the line, she became a friend that I was willing to tell my almost-most embarrassing stories to, make uber-crafty projects with and appear on cam for without makeup, crazy getup or hiding behind hair (or showing only forehead).

That’s just plain nifty, folks.

Why can’t friends follow you when you move out of town, eh? Obviously, the only solution is to get her a webcam for Christmas. Or sooner… rope her into the webcam craze so I can take incriminating frizzy-hair photos. Sounds like a plan.

Meanwhile, she also makes for an excellent ear in a crisis, and on Saturday nights she reminds me to get up for church in the morning. I think she’s my new personal assistant. Without pay. What a deal. Even if she doesn’t understand the proper usage of commas.

(this is when I should be very glad she hasn’t yet figured out how to take screencaps when I’m making weird faces at the cam)

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