Bike Accident

Today was going to be a good day. I was going to go to a lecture this morning, and at 1:30 go to Wilson’s Creek Battlefield. SMSU’s civil war historian, Dr. Piston, led a smal tour group through the field.

I was running late, you see. Dad needed a deposit made ASAP, and I had forgotten the checkbook. I turned the car around and parked in front of the driveway… ran upstairs, grabbed the checkbook, ran back down the driveway… and tripped.

With one arm I blocked my head from hitting the side of the car, and with the other I protected my mouth/teeth. This left my eye in the middle to catch the street. I slid a few inches along the pavement as I fell, bruising, scraping and slicing my right cheekbone, under eye lid and upper eyebrow. I turned over and sat against the car, trying to take stock of my condition. When I looked into my reflection on the car metal, and saw brown eye and Big Red Lump, I went inside Grandmother’s house. I cleaned it out as best as I could, bandaged it up, and so on. I’m fine, but it looks awful. I missed the battlefield tour. I went on to Walmart and the laundromat. Came home, looked in the mirror… and the right side of my face is swollen horribly.

I’m going to simplify things and use “bike accident” as an excuse.

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