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Philosophy in Action

I’ve been meaning to discuss this anyway, but am lazy. Thus, a snippet of my conversation with Kristin: lorien_johnson: Kristin! lorien_johnson: this is a complete change of topic. but. lorien_johnson: It was horrifying at the bus station today. lorien_johnson: This couple was sitting on the bench behind me, arguing about their sex life. Kristin: eew […]


I have a very mixed audience of friends, here, and so I am trying to do away with the jargon that I’m familiar with and explain this in more simplistic terms. I’ve decided that it’s time for me to join a church. For as long as I can remember, I have had an absolute knowledge […]


I just adore Kristin. Somewhere along the line, she became a friend that I was willing to tell my almost-most embarrassing stories to, make uber-crafty projects with and appear on cam for without makeup, crazy getup or hiding behind hair (or showing only forehead). That’s just plain nifty, folks. Why can’t friends follow you when […]


a) knitting is almost as good a distraction as pulpy reading. b) when reading introductory booklet on how to knit, do not trust them when they say “use a knotted bulky weight yarn!” They lie. This yarn has extra loops that are tricksy and cause the loss of many a row. c) book report is […]

Bike Accident

Today was going to be a good day. I was going to go to a lecture this morning, and at 1:30 go to Wilson’s Creek Battlefield. SMSU’s civil war historian, Dr. Piston, led a smal tour group through the field. I was running late, you see. Dad needed a deposit made ASAP, and I had […]