History Conferences and Spitting on Artifacts

I just printed off the lecture notes from my Latin Govt. class course reserves… 57 pages of testable material, and that’s assuming she’s only going to test over what we’ve covered. Doubtful.

I’m spending this evening reading the textbook and reviewing these notes. I’ll do the same all evening tomorrow. Thursday, I’m going to try to spend the entire day at the history conference – I’m excited. This is the first conference within my field that I’ve attended. Four 2 hour lectures/discussions each day! More on Saturday, I think. The hotel is only a few blocks from my apartment, making it all the better. The difficult task will be selecting which lecture I want to go within each time block.

I’d be bouncy if it weren’t for that bloody test.

I spent an extra two hours at the Archaeology center to make up for this next Thursday and Tuesday that I won’t be there (conference and in Arkansas, respectively). Today was spent re-archiving artifacts from Ecuador and Mexico into acid-free materials. Apparently the tooth-and-spit question isn’t quite so off limits after all… my supervisor insisted that I play the three-tone whistle for her.

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