Foolish Girl

Yes, Lorien, do look at your assignment when it is first assigned, else you’ll be shocked to discover it’s a several hour project, and you’d like to go to sleep.

Once again I am virtually mocking you. You’re starting to sound like Katherine now. . . Dear Katherine, Here are the things you must do before you go to bed tonight.

Posted by Kristin @ 09/09/2004 11:26 AM CST

Interestingly, Lorien has long had you fooled. Whilst I have assisted in K-List Mockage, I have secretly conducted such notes to self for many a year.

I just knew better than to leave my notes on random tables.

Posted by Lor @ 09/09/2004 06:04 PM CST

I always suspected that you were bluffing.

Posted by Kristin @ 09/10/2004 09:05 AM CST

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