Thursday's Adventures

Kristin, Kimber, Kelly, Tabitha and I spent Thursday in Brookside and the City River Market. Wandered a wide variety of stores. Select anecdotes:

1) Peacock feathers make excellent hair accessories.

2) Kristin uses odd phrases. For example, “Hug Butt!” This can be, and was, utilized in a sentence such as: “We might have to call Kimber and tell her to hug butt!” Excellent in situations calling for one car to follow another closely. Another sample phrase is “Criminy Pete!” Sadly, I am weak. When in a small, enclosed space (like a car) and handed two choice phrases, I am left to rearrange words and make use of excellent inflection control. For example, “Criminy, Pete hugs butt!” or, “Pete, hug Criminy’s butt!” More sadly, I am compelled to voice these observations aloud. This causes Kristin, the driver in the sample situation, to laugh and swerve her vehicle, causing Kimber/Tabitha to call and be confronted with Pete’s fascination with criminy butts.

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