We Are to Hold Back the Night

I am continually frustrated by the state of the world. But this is not a novel concept, nor am I alone in this feeling. We have no olden days to look back on – even in our best of moments we have been weakened by indecision and compromise. We have no promising future to work towards – we are in a helpless spiral.

Our military was once, and still is, a thing of minor glory. Much can be accomplished with that military, and the leadership and dedication bred are to be respected. Still, acts of cruelty and brutality are not new or limited to the present situation. Our lives are collapsing. Without a world-created past to lead us, and without a world-created hope to seek, we are unravelling. To watch a man kneel and wait five minutes for his throat to be severed, to find yet another friend damaged, to witness the erosion of the greatest ideals of human liberty and philosophy, betrayed by those who shout freedom from the highest heights…

We are left to hold back the night. As long as I’ve known this, as long as I’ve felt that calling shudder through my bones, I’m still racked by the knowledge that we are not enough. I am not enough. I cannot help those who refuse help, and I cannot reconstruct the crumbling pages of history. Even if I could, I’m not good enough, not pure enough. In my heart of hearts, I am tired and shriveled with the knowledge of worldly hopelessness. We are left to hold back the night. Just to hold it off a little while longer, longer and longer. Until it’s time. I know that supernatural hope. I have that, but our plight still aches. Twilight is a tired and lonely place to linger, left more painful with the knowledge that I have been sleeping while on watch.

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