Archive | March, 2004

Blocked Ideals

Coarse edges and jagged shards block these ideals that I’m a little too hesitant to reach. I’ve had this ideal of bold, confident passion, but all I’ve got is its crispy, hollow shell. I’m not sure how to grow beyond this.

Friday Night Discoveries

An Evening’s Discoveries: 1) I am not swayed by Peter Pan’s pedophilic charm. But, Captain Hook? swoon. 2) Glowstick juice tastes funny. 3) Glowstick juice turns freshly painted nails a sickly green. 4) Jess and I are a volatile pair, comparable to the ChandraLorien Six-Hour-Giddiness Phenomenon. 5) Jess eats wallets. She hides the wallet carcasses […]

Graduation Preparation

Well! I just completed most of my graduation paperwork. I’ve been cleared and authorized, my cap and gown have been ordered. Tomorrow I need to call and order the honors regalia, but beyond that I’m finished. Except for the 5 classes left to be finished, of course. Ahem. I’ll put together the formal invitations after […]