The Carelessness of Others

I go out of my way to be careful of the plans and preferences of my friends. I am astounded by the carelessness of others.

This morning, a little old woman of 78 arrived at the church building to clean the church. She was supposed to be met by her daughter and another family, all of whom had agreed to assist in the monthly uptake and cleaning. None of the others arrived. This elderly woman worked for hours upstairs, doing her best to make the space look as lovely as she could.

Tonight, I am preparing to leave for Wichita where I am to pick up my new car (an incredible gift that I will discuss when I get back!). We leave at dawn, and I’m very tired. I did all of my schoolwork tonight so that a friend could have my textbooks to study with over the weekend. Over two hours after when she was supposed to arrive, I’m still stuck waiting. I need to go to bed and lock the doors and just sleep for tomorrow’s drive. But, no. Meanwhile, this is only three weeks after an entire weekend of this same behavior from her. Furthermore, I was chewed out for having called her house at 11:30!

I have lost my patience.

I am astounded by the carelessness of others.

Posted by joanna @ 03/02/2004 02:37 PM CST

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