Visit from Chandra

Chandra and Jason were here!

Having had many a month of deprivation, they returned. For all of five hours… but still, a return!

Studied at the bookstore for a whiles, picked them up at their truck stop. They squished into my tiny car – and it only took a minute and a half for Jason to grab the O.S. handle. Quite calm most of the ride, but I’m not sure that the teeth chattering was entirely from the cold. Weak nerves, dear?
(I rather suspect that it was the lack of a speedometer that disturbed him the most.)

Right. Dinner, with a visit from the MadHatter. TicTacToe, that I lost.

Brought them home to visit with the family, all was well. Took them back to their Truck… this time With Gloves. Zombie Gloves, ahoy! Chandra understood my adoration for them. See? I’m not alone in this world. Toldya.

I ran off when Chan began to share Harley the Dog’s humping air stories.

That’s for the extended edition of the Harley’s Truckin’ Stuff coffeetable book.

We went to Zio’s for dinner, and naturally we were waiting 5-10 in the foyer. This was perfectly pleasant enough, if only because we were able to observe a First and Only Date in process.
Him: Short, long straight hair in ponytail. Suit. Pseudo-Priest collar. Bony painful type skinny.
Her: Greasy hair, highlights growing out in a ponytail. Jeans. Sweater under an over blouse/jacket. Casual. Slender but roundish.

Him: Looking at every other woman in the room.
Her: Studying the ceiling.

Him: Overly polite.
Her: SUCH a fake laugh. the Dear God HELP me big fat grin.

Both were the “I used to be kinda goth but I’m a grownup now and I’m not sure where to go with that. She was early twenties, he was early thirties. Age differences aren’t usually an issue, but right now that early twenties/early thirties blend seems to be difficult to make work. I’ve seen maybe one pairing with that specific age diff and it’s just… weird. and, just in this current generation. Other ten year gaps? Fine. This *one* is always odd. To me. My experiences, certainly, and those of my friends. Right, that was a tangent. But! Further proof for my theory of that Born in 1970 and Born in 1980 clash of culture. Disturbing.

End of tangent! Back to weird non-couple!

I could tell it was a first date with the one “Shall we sit at the bar?” question he asked her as they stood right behind us. Chandra knew it was an internet date as soon as she saw them. It so very much was. ’twas one of those “We had such great emails! Now I’ve met you and we’re sparkless and we’ll go home and email twice more and then somehow lose each others’ address!”

I love internet relationship politics. Having seen the best and the worst of it… quite a lot of fun to sit back and watch.

Anyway, right. These two were highly amusing. He was fairly disturbing, too.

I’m sleepy babbly. Ladeda.

um. I’m sure there was other stuff. I had to explain the flag system, naturally. Enough flags in/on the car to require explanations.

Chan? Jason? Y’all need to arrange those periodic days off. Miss you!

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Definitely internet dating.. if I hadn’t done much of it myself I might not have picked up on it until AFTER the second minute… ahahah.. Lorien fails to mention that she was flirting, oh-so-overtly, with the waiter, *Scott*. She blushed. Ask her, she cannot lie. She blushed. 🙂

Posted by Chandra @ 01/11/2004 08:56 PM CST

Dearest Chandra,

Lorien’s Blush, here. I should like to inform you that I chose to make an appearance in answer to your blatant plea – “Lorien! Blush! Look, Jason, she’s going to blush!” – and I rarely ignore such obvious calls. I’m a giving Blush, after all.

– Lorien’s Blush


Kiddo, if you think that’s my version of flirting… we need to get out more. Also, do note: I don’t flirt with pimply Zio’s waiters with boring signatures. Other servers make pretty pictures with their crayons! I’ll take an artist, any day.

– Lor

Posted by Lorien @ 01/11/2004 09:13 PM CST

you blushed…

that’s all i have to say 🙂

Posted by Chan @ 01/11/2004 09:19 PM CST

🙂 Not denying blushes.

Posted by Lorien @ 01/11/2004 09:22 PM CST

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