New Year's Day

New Year’s Day consisted of a 13 hour road trip. This is significant because I awoke to Labyrinth playing across from the recliner in which I was sleeping.

We collectively woke up at 10:am. Jeremy and Annie were watching Labyrinth. “Ludo! Hoggle! Sir Didymus!” I cried. I was happy.

Janie and Robyn wandered into the living room. Robyn asked, “Where did you go?”

L: “Here? Joxur was sleeping on my legs.”
R: “Why didn’t you kick him off?”
L: thinking silently – do I try to explain, or should I wait until she reads the blog? – {shrug}
R: {rolls eyes}

a little while later

R: “I’m going to climb in with you.”
(this was directed to Annie, who was under a mound of blankets on the floor)
Annie: “Okay!”
R: “Finally! At least SOMEONE here likes to cuddle!”
In the Kitchen – L: {cackle}
A: “Yay!”
R: {climbs in}
A: “Oh. By the way, I have no pants on.”
R: “…..”

Right, anyway. I was in Springfield over the weekend. I left my cell phone charger, and a TV that my father wanted me to bring up. When I realized this, Robyn said: “Road Trip!” or something like that. Long story short, we’re in a rush to clean up the house (which was not much of a mess) and get out of town. Janie had to work, but we managed to drag Jess along with us.

We left town at 1:00pm.
Drove to Springfield.
Called Tema from Robyn’s cell. Got the answering machine.
R: “Hi! I’m stuck at home today and I’m bored.”
L and J: “NAPKINS!”

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