Lobali Lore

I had a strange dream involving fencing, vampires, lost wallets and feeling like one needs a membership card in a preestablished friendship circle.

Ignoring that, I woke up with my alarm of 6:am. Reset it to 6:30am. But forgot to turn it back on. Woke at 7:24 realizing that 7 is one hour past when I wanted to wake up, and class started at 8:am. Since it’s 8:04am and I’m writing this, it’s fairly well established that I am not in class. I ran around and got in my car by 7:30am. Ignition would not turn – too cold, and I might have screwed up my key when I used it to chip ice out of the gas panel.

I headed back inside, but someone had left a bundle of 44 plus Title poster boards. Weird art project on the front, then 44 boards of text. “Lobali Lore – Trust.” I skimmed sections. Gag. Trust and unity and love and oooh ahhh stick a spoon down my throat and end it already.

I brought it in, untied it, read it. Etc. Showed it to Mom… tied it back up and had Nicholas toss it back into the parking lot.

I figure it’s someone’s loving project of pass-it-along-good-news. and I know that they’ll be back to see the response. So, this way they’ll take it back (please!) and give it to someone who will be emotionally moved.

If it’s one of yours, dear reader, please pick it up before it gets soggy in the snow. I’m not sorry for thinking “gag!” because you should really know that I am just that way about such things. Gimme snark or a journal of “how I found this journal and what I was doing at the time” moments that are to be passed around until it reaches home. But, the “Lobali Lore – Trust” ? With 44 pages of… trust?

Noble project. Wrong person to send it to. Take home, enjoy it, give it to someone who will love it and play along. and tell me who you are. 😉

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