Archive | January, 2004

Lobali Lore

I had a strange dream involving fencing, vampires, lost wallets and feeling like one needs a membership card in a preestablished friendship circle. Ignoring that, I woke up with my alarm of 6:am. Reset it to 6:30am. But forgot to turn it back on. Woke at 7:24 realizing that 7 is one hour past when […]

Patterns of Avoidance

Lorien: {spins in chair, feet tapping with mini pool balls between toes} Mom: Lorien, how is your work coming? L: {spins to face her} M: Whenever you’re getting annoying I know that you’re avoiding something. L: {spins once. taps once} M: Take the toys out of your toes and finish the essay. L: {taps twice} […]

Visit from Chandra

Chandra and Jason were here! Having had many a month of deprivation, they returned. For all of five hours… but still, a return! Studied at the bookstore for a whiles, picked them up at their truck stop. They squished into my tiny car – and it only took a minute and a half for Jason […]

New Year's Day

New Year’s Day consisted of a 13 hour road trip. This is significant because I awoke to Labyrinth playing across from the recliner in which I was sleeping. We collectively woke up at 10:am. Jeremy and Annie were watching Labyrinth. “Ludo! Hoggle! Sir Didymus!” I cried. I was happy. Janie and Robyn wandered into the […]