Well! Last night was an excellent night at fencing. The last before the tournament this Saturday.

Dad came along and was finally able to watch the entire process, as opposed to my relating each and every minor detail that I could recall. I was pleased. He also spoke to my instructors, and was able to relay their every Lorien-related comment. I was pleased with this, too.

I have spent the past two weeks practicing technique, studying how-tos, strategy and fencing forums. My goal has been to defeat the Fencing 2 woman who is competing in our beginner’s tournament. I’m not sure if any of us had beaten her before… I know that Robyn and Lefty gave her a run for her money in previous bouts. But last night, I got her. Twice.

I was very pleased.

Of course, Lefty (from Fencing 1) got me twice in return. Apparently she’s pretty good when she’s not high on cold medicine! That and I was fairly lousy – a simple extension or lunge would have touched past her parry 4 without a problem. Recognizing this now, however, should diminish the threat on Saturday.

We began the class with a winner bouts winner pool that cut the group into the top three:

1. Robyn
2. Lefty
3. Lorien

Robyn I expected – if she’s feeling well on Saturday (and you must be, for I demand it!), she will likely take the top position in the tourney. Lefty was annoying, but whatever. 😉

The wildcards are, of course, the other fencing team. They are supposedly very aggressive, fast and sloppy. Thus, very similar to Lisa from Fencing 2. Strategem: Charge! Point in Line, call the attack. Chase them down and catch them unawares. Cannot overuse this tactic, however, because the others will quickly catch on. Be able to retreat and riposte into their subsequent retreat.

Can you tell that I’m excited? and just a little bouncy?

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