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  • Pastors Are Free to Refuse to Officiate Immoral Services
    Deal with it. Hurrah! They were being excessively disruptive. Hovering, very closely, with very loud shutters (which on most DSLRs can be muted), and for longer than necessary to collect the desired photos. The minister has the right to refuse to officiate a spiritual and religious contract if he finds that the parties involved are […]
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  • LinkedIn
    How to Shape LinkedIn to Reflect Your Work/Life Culture
    Donna Svei wrote a fully accurate, concise, and instructive article on how to set one’s LinkedIn to best limit talent recruiters’ abilities to seek out one’s employees and colleagues. She listed 5 Ways Your LinkedIn Profile Helps Recruiters Source Candidates. She’s right. And you shouldn’t obey a word of it. Her argument is sound: recruiters […]
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  • Hayek is my Homeboy (from
    How Neighbors are Better than Government Services
    Jennifer Pahlka is the creator of Code for America, a fellowship that organizes independent technology and design professionals to develop apps that creatively solve efficiency problems in government. Her theory? “A neighbor is a far better and cheaper alternative to government services.” She recognizes that government is inherently inefficient. She also recognizes, and has proven […]
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  • How to Staple Water to a Tree (Lorien Johnson)
    Everything is Possible
    This was on Facebook. Challenge accepted. Share!
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  • Tonya Beck: Persecuted Kansas City Heroine
    Tonya Beck is charged with the criminal use of a weapon in Kansas City, Kansas, because she legally defended herself from the intruder about whom the police had not even bothered to file a report. She is a hero, and she faces a criminal charge. Tonya called the police when a man caused massive property […]
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  • Volunteer Guide: How to Use Twitter to Campaign for Your Candidate
    Looking for an easy yet effective way to help your candidate win the election? Twitter is an important tool to make a difference without much additional time or effort. Even small measures on Twitter are helpful, and if you like it then it’s simple to increase the results! If you are already familiar with Twitter, […]
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  • We Conservatives Must Unite Behind One Candidate
    We talk about the need to unite behind Romney. Why? He is not the majority. Take the primaries and add the votes for Santorum, for Gingrich, for Bachmann, for Paul – and we, the Christians, the conservatives, the Tea Party, the ones who in 2008 correctly rejected Romney for the liberal flip-flopper that he is, […]
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  • אֵל שִׂמְחַ֪ת גִּ֫ילִ֥י
    I am indwelled by joy. I am exhausted. I am under-rested. I am ridiculously behind in my final class. I am scraping together my shekels to last through my first paycheck of my upcoming job. I cannot decide whether my love of the classroom and library is greater than my burnt-out will to study. I […]
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  • How to Bake Kale Chips
    I stumbled onto this recipe a few months ago: chips or crisps made out of kale.  The leafy superfood is, well, super. Vitamins, good things, protein, and blah blah blah. Read this for more information about the crazy goodness that is kale. More importantly, it bakes up to a very crispy-crunchy snack with no gluten […]
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  • How Ron Paul Won Jackson County
    Today was a victory for Ron Paul supporters in Jackson County, Missouri. Further summary is needed to really explain what happened at the end of the caucus that resulted in the Beat Obama slate. I’ve spoken to the Chair, several delegates, and many attendees in order to compile the most accurate report possible. The Credentials […]
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  • Caucus Fraud in Pulaski County, Missouri
    The Caucus in Pulaski County, Missouri, on 17 March, unfortunately suffered from corruption. As in so many places, Robert’s Rules of Order were ignored and violated. The Parliamentarian did not enforce Order. Below is list of the major problems reported. The Chair repeatedly voted even though no ties happened. No rule was made or announced […]
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  • Liveblogging the Jackson County Missouri Caucus
    Throughout Saturday, 24 March 2012, I’m liveblogging the Jackson County, Missouri GOP caucus with reports from attendees. Keep checking back for updates! If you prefer, I’m also updating Twitter @lorienjohnson! CONFIRMED: Paul wins majority of delegates in Jackson County, Missouri. Paul 80% Romney 20%! 03:31 PM CST – Beat Obama Slate wins 531 to 237 […]
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  • A Visit from Ron Johnson Cass Caucus Chair & County Auditor
    I recently wrote about the Cass County Missouri Caucus. Cass Co. wasn’t as bad as some of the other counties in MO last Saturday. Summary: without authority to do so all recordings were prohibited, the Santorum crowd played dirty, and the Chair (Ron Johnson, a Gingrich supporter) tried to unilaterally fill empty Santorum delegate slots […]
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  • Missouri Caucus: Cass County Shenanigans
    The caucus in Cass County, Missouri, was an interesting affair. I only have limited reports at this time, but apparently the process was greatly extended due to strange happenings in the Santorum camp followed by the Gingrich-supporting Chair trying a bit of a bamboozle. The Chair announced before the meeting that no recordings were allowed, […]
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  • National Defense Resource Preparedness: Why Now?
    My friend Dana asked a critical question regarding the shocking executive order entitled National Defense Resource Preparedness: Why now? My thoughts have not been thoroughly organized yet, but I’m eager to open the discussion. My thought process follows. We’re gearing up for significant war. Whether we have a Republican or a Democrat for our next […]
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About Lorien

I vote as a libertarian constitutionalist influenced by Hayek and Burke, and I think as an anarchist guided by the biblical principles of liberty. My government is strictly bound by the U.S. Constitution. I have fenced foil in a diaper-suit and run for political office in a skirt-suit, but my shoes were always fabulous. Both dread­ful politics and inspiring design are likely to make me teary. and yes, I'm a tshirt ninja.

  • USAA Talent Hiring Marketing
    April 2013: Sample of social media creative crafted to publicize USAA open employment, high-volume positions. Targeted to Facebook and Twitter.
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  • Junior Military Officer Program: Lead to Serve Campaign
    May/June 2013: Sample of social media creative and marketing messaging crafted to publicize USAA’s 2013 Junior Military Officer (JMO) Program, part of the strategized #30PercentVets campaign.
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  • USAA in Diversity Careers
    June/July 2013: Full page advertisement published in the June/July 2013 issue of Diversity Careers in Engineering & Information Technology. Short notice project with the difficult requirement that old ad copy and template design be used. Only the change in photo and very slight textual changes were available to give the ad vibrancy, and the department […]
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  • USAA in Computerworld Magazine
    July 2013: Full page advertisement published in the July 2013 issue of Computerworld Magazine. Short notice project requiring full photo shoot that reflected the two primary professional goals and the vibrant culture of the IT department. Photographed by Oscar Williams, the shoot featured USAA IT employees. The shoot expanded the Talent Acquisition department’s media archive […]
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  • USAA in G.I. Jobs
    July 2013: Full page advertisement published in the July 2013 issue of G.I. Jobs. Launched the #30PercentVets military hiring campaign. Featured in magazine across from the article highlighting San Antonio, Texas as the #1 Military-Friendly City and the San Antonio-based company USAA as the #1 Military-Friendly Employer in the United States.
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  • Lorien Johnson for Greene County Clerk
    2006: Ran for Greene County Clerk in Missouri, 2006. Set regional and state records for a third party candidate.
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  • NRA Phone Banking
    NRA Phone Banking
    Recruited, trained, scheduled, and retained volunteers who made over 35,000 targeted voter identification, candidate advocacy, and volunteer recruitment phone calls.
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  • Defend Freedom Rally
    Defend Freedom Rally
    September 2012: Planned, marketed, and executed a rally and large-scale phone bank for the National Rifle Association at Bass Pro Shops in Independence, Missouri. This was the primary motivational rally and systems training session for NRA volunteers  in the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area utilizing phone-from-home predictive dialing.
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  • Gov. Bob McDonnell, Virginia
    Bob McDonnell, Governor of Virginia
    August 2012: Executed National Rifle Association representation at the Americans for Prosperity event featuring Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia.
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  • Missouri State Fair
    Missouri State Fair
    August 2012: Organized the National Rifle Association’s representation at the Missouri State Fair across two weekends. Negotiated sponsorship, coordinated logistics, scheduled volunteers, and orchestrated the field operations. Recruited several hundred volunteer prospects statewide.
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  • Browning Appreciation Event
    Browning Arms Appreciation
    July 2012: Coordinated NRA volunteers to serve multiple lunch shifts to the full staff of Browning Arms in Arnold, MO. When chatting with two Browning employees at a gun show in June, they talked about how demoralized the Browning employees were due to their fears of future gun control under a second term of President […]
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  • Recruiting at Cabela's
    Recruiting at Cabela’s
    Organized regular representation and volunteer recruitment at Cabela’s Sporting Goods in Hazelwood, MO.
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  • Jacob Turk for U.S. Congress
    Jacob Turk for U.S. Congress, 2012
    April 2012: Political consultant and grassroots coordinator for the Jacob Turk for U.S. Congress campaign in MO-5. Full event, fundraising, and communications support. Led online activism team.
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  • Missouri Lincoln Days 2012
    Missouri Lincoln Days
    February 2012: Recruited, trained, scheduled, and staffed volunteers to represent 2012 GOP Presidential Candidate Ron Paul at the statewide Lincoln Days event in Kansas City, Missouri.
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  • College Libertarians Chalk
    College Libertarians
    2004 – 2006: Founded College Libertarians at Missouri State University.
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Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice;
Moderation in the pursuit of Justice is no virtue.